Pure chiffon Sequence and thread Embroidered spray front Right left Pannels and Sleeves Piece together 1.75yards

16inches pure chiffon Shiffly with Thread and sequence Embroidered center pannel

1 Embroidered Neck on Tissue Organza

1yard Embroidered Daman Border on organza tissue front border 1

1 yards of Front Embroidered Daman Border on organza Border 2

1 yards Pure Chiffon Back plain

1 yards Embroidered Daman patch On organza for back

1 yards Sleeves Embroidered Kufs on Organza

2.5yards pure chiffon Embroidered contrast Dupata

1.75yards of 58" Weidth Pure Jacquard Contrast Solid Dyed trouser

Mariab luxury Chiffon Eid Collection 22

SKU: Bd Katha orange chif